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Tara ShiningstarTara has been closely connected to Spirit since her earliest memories as a small child of two. 

I  grew up in South Dakota and MInnesota outside of town on a few different farms and at the age of 7 my family of nine moved to a small village of 100 people. 

I  imagined moving to California as soon as I  could open the car door and pretend to drive there. I was very involved in high school and during  my teenage years I  became very unhappy living in the time and space I seemed to find myself dropped into, I turned to alcohol and fell asleep. After graduating from college I  managed a travel agency for six months and then my dream of moving  to northern CA became a reality, I dropped alcohol the day after arriving in Eureka on my 21st birthday.

I spent a couple of years in a few different jobs and  explored northern CA and then moved to southern CA.  After three years and the birth of my first child Nicolas it was time to go home to Redway, CA.  In 1988, Tawni, my oldest daughter was born at home.  From the moment her head crowned I was forever changed.  I was in the library with my children and a woman I had never met asked me if I had read the book "The Burning Times",  I took it home and the realization that God was a woman dawned, the Goddess presented herself to me and the years of Christianity upbringing all started making sense.  I loved going to church growing up, the connection to Source, but there was always something missing and so many things that didn't make sense and so much fear, hell and damnation from a God who was suppose to be all loving...didn't compute for me and my Sunday school teacher's and Luther League teacher's never seemed to understand my endless questions and more to the point would ask me to be quiet and never give me a straight answer.

It was at this time that I started to wake back up, the beginning of my Saturn return. I was living in town and was listening to the local radio station KMUD early Sunday morning and there was a meditation just about to start.  I locked my bedroom door with two small children demanding to come in and someone on the radio was asking me to visualize what I wanted to create and manifest in my life.  At the time what entered my mind and heart was that all I needed was some land and a sweat lodge (not knowing anything about one or even remembering where I would have even heard about this).  The meditation ended, I opened the door and the children bolted onto the bed wanting more time with mommy...

My Spiritual Path became front and center and the healing began.  Just a few short months after that meditation in Spring 1990 I moved to a beautiful piece of property on the Eel River where I was the caretaker and host for five years.  The first group of people who came to stay built a sweat lodge, I asked them to leave it up and Creator, Mother Earth and the Great Spirit came to me to assist in the reawakening process.   Shortly after this time I had an amazing healing by an Hawaiian healer named Cosme Castaniento and  was also introduced to the sacred inipi ceremony.  It was a highly emotional time in my life.  Two small children, a failing marriage, memories of childhood haunting me.  My Spiritual Path sustained me and helped to begin the long arduous painful healing process, during this time near the river in 1994 my youngest daughter Willow was born to complete our family.

I spent those 5 years living in a tipi, waking up, remembering who I was and the gift we are all given.  Walking the mountains and river on this property singing "We are Alive as the Earth is Alive, We have the Power to Co-Create our Freedom, If We have Courage We Shall be Healers, like the Sun We Shall Rise, If We have Courage We Shall be Healers, like the Sun We Shall Rise...among many other songs.  The spiritual paths of the Rastas, the  Goddess, the Red Road, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism all became a part of me and the realization that all paths are valid and all lead to the same place...

It was in 1993 that I started my formal studying with Universal Cosara Temples and  also I received my Reiki 1 and 2 in Nov. 1995.  I followed quickly with Reiki Mastery in May 1996.  In Nov. 1996 I became a certified Herbalist and started Aquarius Star Herbals.  In Mar. of 1998 I received my massage therapist certificate and continued my studies to become an ordained minister in Oct. 2004.  Yoga has been a part of my life since 1987 and it was in June of 2005 that  I received my Sivananda yoga teacher's certificate.  In Oct. 2006 I added Hot Stone Massage to my practice.

For over 20 years it has been my dream, my vision to co-create a healing sanctuary.   For everyone  to come partake in the energy so readily available to us all...A chance to pause, to connect, to simply be, to partake in a healing session or private yoga class, to enjoy the space and the beauty of Northern California and  to love oneself and to take this home and out into your world so we may all learn to heal all wounds, on all levels that bind us to the suffering which at this time we must chose to let go of.  It is no longer optional to chose the old paradigm, we must all step into the light and love and Shiningstar Sanctuary will be your safe haven to recharge, relax and reconnect...

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~ Initial Consultation
~ Showing the Reality of the Inner to the Outer through the White Plate
~ Reiki/Gemstone Healing
~ John of God Crystal Bath
~ Bach Flower Remedy
~ Spirit Guided additional

$180 for session

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   ~ 30 minutes: $35
   ~ 40 minutes: $45

Tara has studied and taken classes with Cosme Castanieto since first meeting Cosme in 1991.

Tara was ordained as a minister on October 10th, 2004 through Universal Cosara Temples.

Universal Cosara Temples – The purpose of this church is to promote the education, well being and spiritual development of the individual in relationship to the family, community and the earth.

Tara offers:

  ~House Clearings
  ~In addition Tara is open to discussing other needs people may request.

Link to  cosaracosme.com

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy."  So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy”.

Tara received her Reiki 1 and 2 certificate Nov. 1995 and her Reiki Mastery in May 1996.

Tara offers Reiki/Gemstone Healings as an individual session for $60 per hour for a 1 to 2 hour session (and Reiki is also included with the 2-3 hour sessions).