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Black Sand Beach at Shelter Cove, CAThe spiritual process came into being through Universal Cosara Temples because people who were channeling spirit were inaccurate;  this was due to their own personality mingling with their past experience. The spiritual process also came to be because people had a war within themselves; their emotions, their mind and the spiritual body could not agree to what reality or truth is all about. Each person was trying to find God, either from the outside or within themselves, to the point where they  got confused. The spiritual process is set up in such a way that you look at all your spiritual chakras to determine how clean or dirty they are, and find the causes of the problems, and make corrections. Also, we go to the Soul to determine what you  need to learn on Earth for your own soul growth.  By going through the process you learn where the temple of God is within you. 

 With Tara’s help, each person is guided through a process that allows them to look at these areas of their life which need to be corrected, aligned and balanced. Together, we will explore the chakras, silver cord, quadrants of the brain, auras, elements, kundalini and finally create symbols to seal the cleansed energy. The process is merely one technique to help us understand our inner being.  It is a way to cleanse and purify oneself in order to be more in tune with you, God the Creator, and the Earth. It helps us cleanse portions that we are dissatisfied with and strengthen inner strengths.  It utilizes visualization, our concept of God/Light/Great Spirit/Higher Self, plus our willingness to be truly honest with ourselves. 

The depth to which a person goes varies among individuals due to the approach, perceptiveness and degree that a person can satisfactorily integrate. The result is that a person can be perceived as an onion with multiple skin layers.  The process helps us to remove several outer layers of  our being thus bringing us closer to our core.  

This process, once completed, will allow the person to make a more harmonious and balanced life. A person commonly feels more focused, centered, calm, light-filled, relaxed and grounded. 

Most spiritual processes take from one to two days to complete. Some take as long as three days. If you live nearby you are welcome to go home at the end of the day and we will continue on until complete. If you live out of the area, Shiningstar Sanctuary has accommodations for an additional fee.

Price:  $ 1,000 ~ 1 to 3 day day process.