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Tara with Swami SitaramanandaTara has been practicing the four paths of yoga since 1990. In 2005 Tara was guided to study yoga at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm near Grass Valley, CA.

Swami Vishnu-devananda founded the yoga farm in 1971. The ashram provides a residential setting where spiritual practitioners of all levels can deepen their practice through the study of classical yoga, meditation and Vedanta. 

Link to :  www.yogafarm.org

Tara received her yoga siromani teacher of yoga award on June 4, 2005 and has been sharing regular Sivananda yoga classes at her home in Shelter Cove and her yurt on the Mattole River in Whitethorn Valley.


~ 2-2.5 Hour Private Sivananda Yoga Class:   2 people   $108
~ 2-2.5 Hour Private Sivananda Yoga Class:   4-6 people $216
~ 2-2.5 Hour Private Sivananda Yoga Class:   6 people and up---price negotiable