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John of God SpeakingCrystal therapy from John of God is a healing modality, using a series of specially cut and lighted quartz crystals.

John of God is one of the most powerful Brazilian healers alive today. For those seeking healing, the crystal baths play a vital part in facilitating their healing journey. Tara Shiningstar has returned from John of God, and with special permission and many blessings of the entities who work with him, returned to the U.S. with a crystal bed.

John of God Crystal Therapy Can...

  ~ Harmonize chakras and subtle energy bodies
  ~ Re-balance frequencies in electro-magnetic field
  ~ Trigger healing processes in the psyche and body
  ~ Rejuvenate physical systems for improved function
  ~ Stimulate development of spiritual awareness

Crystal Bath Light Therapy Sessions:

   ~ 30 minutes: $35
   ~ 40 minutes: $45

I have known since I was a teenager that I would go to Brazil someday. I always thought it was to go to Carnival to party. In 2003 when my teacher Cosme Castanieto told me for the fifth time about a Brazilian healer he was going to see a light went on and I knew in that moment that's why I was suppose to go to Brazil. I thought I would go to just check him out, that I didn't need any specific healing. Then I bought my ticket and the same night I experienced a long and involved dream which ended with thousands of maggots coming up from deep in my body and I was spitting them out by the mouthfuls, I woke up spitting the last maggot out of my mouth into the pillow. It was at that moment I realized I  probably needed healing and would ask for healing for several different areas.

John of God and Tara ShiningstarIn January 2004 when I arrived at the Casa and was in the first time line we were called and as I approached the door of the first current room it was like being drawn into a vortex.  My heart chakra was being pulled into the room, the pure, unconditional love energy overwhelming and  tears of joy overflowed as I felt this love envelop me. My journey with John of God and the entities has been present and with me since the moment I realized why I was suppose to go to Brazil.

While meditating a few years later I received a message to return to Brazil and ask the entities for a crystal bed, I did return November 2007 and was blessed with this gift. I have also spent time with John of God at the Omega Institute the following year and it is my honor to share and offer the crystal bed to all who are drawn...

Blessed Be. Tara